Fieldschool Photos

In the summer of 2005, Rice University undergraduates Abby Smith, Amy Foutch, and Ben Walker, participated in the Gorée Archaeological Fieldschool. The program was headed by Dr Ibrahima Thiaw, with lab instruction from Professor Susan McIntosh and archaeobotanist Shawn Murray.

Excavations on the west side of the island
Excavation on the west side of the island

Abby exposing a skeleton
Abby excavating skeleton

Abby cleaning skeleton
Abby carefully cleaning skeleton
(photo by Amy Foutch)

[image:22 width=350]
Amy working through wall fill

Amy nearing the foundations
Amy nearing the wall foundations
(photo by Abby Smith)

Ben cleaning his walls
Ben cleaning walls
(photo by Abby Smith)

Ben measuring profile
Ben meauring and drawing profiles
(photo by Abby Smith)

Ben testing soil consistency
Ben testing soil consistency
(photo by Abby Smith)

group excavating
Tracing the walls and finding another burial