Around Sénégal

Near the end of the fieldschool session, we decided to see as much of Senegal as we possibly could in a couple of days. Very fortunately, Ousmane Thiaw (brother of our project director, Ibrahima) agreed to accompany us as our guide. We started our trip by heading south to the twin towns of Joal and Fadiout. Fadiout is a visually interesting island community consisting of Muslims and Christians. A nearby island houses the communities granaries, and another island, connected by a bridge, shelters a pretty-pretty cemetery.

Bridge to Fadiout
Bridge to the island of Fadiout

Smiling doggy on bridge
Smiling doggy on the bridge

Christian shrine in Fadiout
Christian shrine on Fadiout

The island of Fadiout is covered in shell
The island is covered in shell

Shellfish for sale on Fadiout
Shell fish and fish for sale

Nicely decorated toilet on Fadiout
Funky decorated toilet

Baby pigs on Fadiout
Baby pigs: a sign that non-Muslims live on the island

Apparently, the granaries of Fadiout burned one year, so the solution was to put them on their own island, safe from fire
safe haven for the village granaries

Fadiout cemetery
Gateway to Fadiout cemetery

Fadiout cemetery
The Christian part of the cemetery, which seemed
to comprise the majority of the cemetery

View of Fadiout from cemetery
View of Fadiout from the cemetery

Women and children clamming around Fadiout
Women and children clamming around Fadiout

Lunch in Joal - Abby, Ben, Amy, Ousmane
Lunch in Joal: Abby, Ben, Amy, Ousmane

Our next stop was the town of Nguenene, the childhood home of the Thiaw
brothers and the family farm. Ousmane gave us the tour, introducing us to his mother and his eldest brother Pascal.

The Thiaw family home
Thiaw's village

Millet granary
millet granary

The Thiaw family kitchen
the kitchen

Millet couscous
millet couscous

Pascal Thiaw and family
Pascal Thiaw and family

Ousmane prepping the fields for millet, beans, and bisap
Ousmane prepping the fields for millet, beans, and bisap

The last leg of the trip was an overnight stay in the town of Foundiougne, where Ousmane used to teach grade school. Early the next morning we went for a pirogue ride into the mangroves with a fisherman and his sons.

Amy in pirogue in Foundiougne mangroves
Amy in the pirogue

Fishing Lesson in the Foundiougne mangroves
A fishing demonstration and lesson

Ousmane helping with the nets
Ousmane gives the nets a try

Bucket of fish
As a joke, Abby was sold to some fishermen for a bucket of fish