]> Gorée Archaeology - Images/Art http://goree.rice.edu/?q=taxonomy/term/9/0 photos of the island and profiles of a couple of island artists en Around the island of Gorée http://goree.rice.edu/?q=node/111 <p><a href="?q=node/124"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée23-From Chaloupe.preview.JPG" width="350" height="212" alt="goree from chaloupe" /></a><br /> View of Gorée from chaloupe<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/115"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée29-From Chaloupe.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="early morning pirogue" /></a><br /> Pirogue in Gorée harbor<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/127"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée170-Morning Walk and Pier.preview.JPG" width="350" height="249" alt="fishing from pier" /></a><br /> Fishing from the pier<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/116"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée181-Morning Walk and Fishing Boat.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="launching pirogue from main beach" /></a><br /> Launching pirogue at the main beach<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/125"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée99-Morning Walk.preview.JPG" width="350" height="467" alt="alley with bougainvillea" /></a><br /> Side street with bougainvillea<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/126"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée77-Morning Walk and Cliffs.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="cliffs" /></a><br /> Cliffs on western side of the island<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/128"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Gorée235-Second Walk.preview.JPG" width="350" height="467" alt="graffiti" /></a><br /> Woman pounding millet or a drum maker?<br /> (photo by Abby Smith)</p> <p><a href="?q=node/114"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/from Castel_Goree.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="view of goree from castel" /></a><br /> View of Gorée from the castel</p> <p><a href="?q=node/136"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/south_end_goree 1.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="South end of the island" /></a><br /> View from south end of the island</p> <p><a href="?q=node/147"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Aaron and Amadou.preview.jpg" width="350" height="263" alt="Aaron and ëlllë" /></a><br /> Visitor Aaron Darling and local artist ëlllë with one of his paintings</p> <p><a href="?q=node/121"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Goree island beach.preview.jpg" width="350" height="263" alt="goree island beach" /></a><br /> Gorée Island beach</p> <p><a href="?q=node/123"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Goree Island houses.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="bright houses" /></a><br /> Some of the brightly painted houses of Gorée</p> <p><a href="?q=node/122"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/goree martial arts 1.preview.JPG" width="350" height="296" alt="goree martial arts" /></a><br /> Capoeira martial arts students</p> <p><a href="?q=node/119"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/kambel painting.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="kambel and daughter" /></a><br /> Local artist Kambel and daughter in front of Mariama Ba House</p> <p><a href="?q=node/118"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/Maison des esclaves.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="maison des esclaves building" /></a><br /> The Maison des Esclaves</p> <p><a href="?q=node/113"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/maison des esclaves 2.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="maison des esclaves chamber" /></a><br /> A chamber for housing slaves</p> <p><a href="?q=node/117"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/maison des esclaves 8.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="maison des esclaves corridor" /></a><br /> Corridor in the Maison des Esclaves</p> <p><a href="?q=node/138"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_4_0.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="wrestling - wolof team" /></a><br /> Wrestling is the national sport of Senegal.<br /> In 2005, Gorée hosted a Peul and Wolof match.<br /> Here is the Wolof team.</p> <p><a href="?q=node/139"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_8.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="Wrestling - Peul women dancing" /></a><br /> Wrestling match - Peul women dancing</p> <p><a href="?q=node/140"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_1.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="Wrestling - Peul team" /></a><br /> Wrestling match - Peul team</p> <p><a href="?q=node/141"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_11.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="Wrestling - first game" /></a><br /> Wrestling match - first game</p> <p><a href="?q=node/142"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_13.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="Wrestling - second game" /></a><br /> Wrestling match - second game</p> <p><a href="?q=node/143"><img src="http://goree.rice.edu/files/images/wrestling_Goree_18.preview.JPG" width="350" height="263" alt="Wrestling - third game" /></a><br /> Wrestling match - third game<br /> The Peul team wins the match !!</p> <p>Photos by Shawn Murray, unless otherwise indicated</p> Images/Art Mon, 07 Nov 2005 21:37:33 -0600