Around the island of Gorée

goree from chaloupe
View of Gorée from chaloupe
(photo by Abby Smith)

early morning pirogue
Pirogue in Gorée harbor
(photo by Abby Smith)

fishing from pier
Fishing from the pier
(photo by Abby Smith)

launching pirogue from main beach
Launching pirogue at the main beach
(photo by Abby Smith)

alley with bougainvillea
Side street with bougainvillea
(photo by Abby Smith)

Cliffs on western side of the island
(photo by Abby Smith)

Woman pounding millet or a drum maker?
(photo by Abby Smith)

view of goree from castel
View of Gorée from the castel

South end of the island
View from south end of the island

Aaron and ëlllë
Visitor Aaron Darling and local artist ëlllë with one of his paintings

goree island beach
Gorée Island beach

bright houses
Some of the brightly painted houses of Gorée

goree martial arts
Capoeira martial arts students

kambel and daughter
Local artist Kambel and daughter in front of Mariama Ba House

maison des esclaves building
The Maison des Esclaves

maison des esclaves chamber
A chamber for housing slaves

maison des esclaves corridor
Corridor in the Maison des Esclaves

wrestling - wolof team
Wrestling is the national sport of Senegal.
In 2005, Gorée hosted a Peul and Wolof match.
Here is the Wolof team.

Wrestling - Peul women dancing
Wrestling match - Peul women dancing

Wrestling - Peul team
Wrestling match - Peul team

Wrestling - first game
Wrestling match - first game

Wrestling - second game
Wrestling match - second game

Wrestling - third game
Wrestling match - third game
The Peul team wins the match !!

Photos by Shawn Murray, unless otherwise indicated

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